August 6, 2017

2 Days in Moscow

On your weekend in Moscow we will plan all your time for you – so you do not have to worry about anything.

Below is a list of what we have to offer for two magnificent days in the Russian Capital.

First Day

Kremlin and Red Square

A visit to Moscow will not be complete without hitting the main city attractions.  You will learn about the history of Moscow and Russia from an experienced guide on an introductory walking tour by visiting the most notable city attractions, such as the Red Square, Bolshoi Theatre and The Kremlin. Your guide will take you inside the Kremlin and show you where the Russians Czar’s were crowned and where some of the most fateful decisions in world history were made.

Relax and Dine at Café Pushkin or Varenichnaya N1

After learning a bit about the Russian aristocracy it is time for you to feel like one as well. After a long day treat yourself to the classical dishes of the Russian aristocracy. A three-story, post-Soviet creation made to look a century older, arguably the most famous Russian restaurant has an elegant and satisfying cuisine. Here you will be treated like a real Russian.

Or if you are interested in what it was like to live in the Soviet Times you can enjoy a restaurant that takes you back into the 1960’s and 1970’s. With Soviet style paintings on the wall and classical but simple Russian food you will feel that you are living in Soviet Moscow and Perestroika is many light years away

Walk and relax in the Hermitage Garden

After seeing the Russian relics and dining well our guide will take you to Hermitage Garden – a very cosy and romantic park hidden from the street noise. Here you will be able to relax after a long day no matter who you are with: your family, friend, significant other or you are even by yourself. If you visit the garden with us in winter time, you will be able to skate on the ice rink and grab some hot chocolate/hot wine, while in the summer you can enjoy a small picnic on the grass and unwind after the busy day.

Second Day

Experience the life of the czars in Kolomenskoye Estate

Unlike many tourists that spend their time in the Moscow city center we suggest you take a stroll a bit further away from the Kremlin to the Kolomenskoye Estate.  The Kolomenskoye estate – a beloved place for the grand princes of Moscow where many of them grew up and would spend their summer months. We will provide you a walk through the marvelous royal estate where you will be able to see what the czar life was like over two hundred years ago.

Unwind at the Delicatessen Restaurant or Wine & Crab Restaurant

After visiting the marvelous Kolomenskoye estate we invite you to dine at a place that has both charm and local feel – Delicatessen Restaurant. The restaurant has both a romantic and cozy atmosphere providing the most delicious European and Russian food you have ever eaten.

Or if you are longing for quality seafood we invite you to one of the best and most popular sea food restaurants in Moscow – Wine & Crab Restaurant. It is difficult to find good quality sea food in Moscow, but this is definitely one of the finest places to relax and enjoy exquisite food and a good bottle of wine.

A true Russian Experience – Sanduny Baths

By the end of your trip you are in for a treat. To both relax and truly immerse yourself into the Russian culture you should visit the Sanduny bath house.  Although the Russian tradition of visiting the Bathing House has many myths around it, visiting the most famous Russian Banyas – Sandunóvskie Baths will give you the REAL Russian experience. Embark on a journey through time while cleansing your body and feeling like a true Russian at the same time.

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