January 24, 2016


The Russian tradition of visiting the Bathing House has many myths around it, so why not visit the most famous Russian Banyas - Sandunóvskie Baths for the REAL Russian experience. Embark on a journey through time while cleansing your body and feeling like a true Russian at the same time.


  • Flexibility to customize your itinerary to your own preferences
  • Get inside tips from a local
  • All entrance fees included
  • Informative, friendly and professional guide
  • Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience
  • Excellent value for money



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What You Can Expect

Your guide will pick you up from your hotel or apartment and on your way over to the Baths will enlighten you about Moscow’s history while you walk down the 18th century streets.
As you enter the building you will be astounded by the mosaics and the frescos in the hallway leading to the changing rooms. Your guide will give you a history of this magnificent building that dates back to 1808 and is one of the oldest and definitely the most famous banya in all of Russia. Throughout the last 200 years it has remained both an architectural and cultural landmark and is one of the very few buildings in Moscow, that has functioned no-matter what regime or government was in charge of Russia (Nicholas II, Stalin or Gorbachev).

As you go up the intricate staircase, you will enter the changing rooms. Besides being subdivided by gender between women and men, they are also subdivided in three classes for men and two for women. Your tour guide will take you to the “Male Top Class” the best baths available for males and to “Female Top Class” for the Ladies.

Once you get yourself situated, you will be able to change into the appropriate clothing and enjoy the experience in going into a hot steam room heated by wood just as hundreds years ago. After enjoying yourself in a hot steamed room, you will be able to dip in to the waters of a cold pool surrounded with frescos, making you feel as if in Czar Russia and Ancient Rome at the same time. As you continue your experience going in and out of a refreshing pool into a steamy sauna you can use a venik (bundle of leafy branches bundled together) and smack it briskly all over your body – this way epitomizing your Russian Experience.


In addition, at any time during this unforgettable experience you can grab a snack or an alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage.

At any time, your personal guide will be with you to answer any of your questions and help you in any possible way. After you finish your banya experience, the guide will be happy to take you back to your hotel.

We have to note that this experience is also very healthy. It is well known that the hot steam helps clean the skin while making it soft and smooth. A Russian proverb perfectly summarizes the health benefits of the banya, and if literally translated goes something like this: "The day you spend in the banya is the day you do not age."

Book Now - Pay Later. To guarantee you 100% satisfaction you can pay us after your tour.